Top-rated Best 18650 Rechargeable Batteries For LED Flashlights, Headlamp, Doorbells

In short, are you searching for the Best 18650 Rechargeable Batteries For LED Flashlights, Headlamp, and Doorbells? Not sure which model to pick up? Then you NEED to see the list below.

Top-rated Best 18650 Rechargeable Batteries For LED Flashlights, Headlamp, Doorbells

Top 3 Best 18650 Battery Chargers

The rechargeable battery is one of the indispensable items for any flashlight. Its most popular series is the 18650 battery.

Let’s find out with us the top 9 list of the best 18650 batteries in this article!

#1. Streamlight 22104 SL-B26 USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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The new 2020 Streamlight Stinger Flashlight is powered by the SL-B26 Battery Pack to ensure powerful performance. These two packs are a protected lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2600mAh.

These batteries can be recharged up to 500 times which saves your money and time. The SL-B26 battery pack can be charged in a flashlight using the Streamlight Stinger smart charger.


  • Easy micro-USB charging.
  • Voltage is enough.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Solid construction.
  • High-quality and reliable brand.


  • It is not a replacement for two CR123 batteries as described.

Bottom line

With the above properties, it is not difficult for us to put it on the list of the best 18650 battery this time. This is a safe choice for anyone.

#2. SHENMZ 4 Pack Rechargeable Battery

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These batteries are real horses. You can use them on a number of devices, including some desktop fans with flat battery configurations. In addition to extending their use, they are easy to charge.

As with any electronic device, it is always good to charge it before first use. The best 18650 rechargeable battery looks legit. You should charge it immediately after opening. They are good for the price.


  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Strong and durable case.
  • Thin and easy-to-grip shape.
  • Comfortable design.


  • Poor customer service.

Bottom line

A product from China may make you hesitate, but put your trust in the SHENMZ battery. For a moderate price, you get a quality and easy-to-use 4-battery set.

#3. IMREN 25R High Drain Rechargeable Battery

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With 2500mAh capacity, it’s fair to rate Again Products 25R battery at 18650 capacity as good. Because at that level it can give you a decent amount of heat without really heating up.

The battery itself is a combination of good capacity and moderate operating temperature. While running, these four come together to give it a great performance.


  • It has a cool running temperature.
  • Better life cycle.
  • It’s hard to hit.
  • The price is relatively good.
  • No need for PCB protection.


  • The package is not very beautiful.

Bottom line

Compared to the other top-of-the-range batteries available here, this one is definitely the best priced of them all. This is a high-quality yet affordable product that everyone can easily own.

#4. EBL 3.7V Li-ion USB Rechargeable Batteries

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The EBL 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion battery is a great choice when considering longevity and budget.

This well-made rechargeable lithium-ion battery comes in 3.7 volts and 3,000 mAh capacities. It is still enough to meet the needs of most batteries while not being the best.

Its unique design with a micro-USB port on the side of the battery. It’s no need to charge extra batteries.


  • Stable voltage.
  • USB charging design.
  • Multiple safety protection.
  • Built-in LED shows charging progress.
  • Long time running.


  • It might be too long for your flashlight.

Bottom line

This best 18650 battery supports some problems like over-charge or over-discharge. Ensuring complete safety for you and your devices.

#5. SNSYIY 3.7V Flat Top Batteries – USB Charger

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The battery comes with clear instructions on how to change the battery and even includes the necessary screwdriver for specialized screws.

With these, you just need to plug the cord into the battery and still use the flashlight with other flashlights.

The light on the top of the battery shows the charging status making the process even clearer. These are great replacement batteries.


  • Best for Klarus flashlight.
  • It is compatible with a high lumen flashlight.
  • High quality.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is ¼ longer than a 18650 battery.

Bottom line

Together with this battery, your flashlight will always maintain a steady brightness in emergency situations. Especially for those of you who use Klarus flashlight, this is the best choice!

#6. WENSILING 20A 3200mAh Flat Top Rechargeable Battery for Camera, Doorbell,  Flashlight, Headlamp, Electronic Devices

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This package includes two 18650 Li-ion 3200mAh batteries and a universal charger.

The charger only works with Lithium batteries and no other types. The charger uses MU technology that provides constant current and voltage to ensure the safety of the battery it is charging.


  • Fast recharging time.
  • High-quality battery life.
  • Intellicharger with iQuick technology.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • Smart LED to show the process.


  • It has no reverse polarity protection.

Bottom line

If you are looking for the best 18650 rechargeable battery for travel or travel, consider the EBL 18650. With its smart design and neat package, it will be the right luggage when camping or hiking. there.

#7. LCLEBM 4Pack Flat Top Battery

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The LCLEBM 18650 rechargeable battery is a great choice if you want a battery. This set of four batteries offers great consistency. The batteries last a long time. It delivers great value peruse.

And since they’re rechargeable, you can use them over and over on a variety of devices.

Whether you’re using them in a flashlight, floodlight, or doorbell, these best 18650 batteries can meet your needs without fail. Thanks to their reliable power, you won’t even have to worry about them.


  • Consistent power supply and consistent charge retention
  • Lasts longer than some major brands
  • Fast charging when recharging


  • The charger you use to recharge may affect the charging time and results.

Bottom line

All four batteries are packaged in a storage case, providing convenient organization and a handy way to store them.

#8. EVO Gimbals 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries

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This IMR-18650 High Capacity 2600mAh Li-Ion 3 Battery Pack from Gimbals EVO is compatible with some EVO and Zhiyun-Tech handheld gimbals. With a capacity of 2600mAh each, these high-capacity batteries have 30% more capacity than the original, 18650-MP battery.


  • High durability.
  • Luxury design.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It has enough torque to work with 105mm.


  • The app has some problems.

Bottom line

This pair of batteries can be used for a long time thanks to their durability. The very impressive black design creates a luxurious feeling right from first sight.

Be aware that not all 18650 batteries have the same size or chemical specifications. You should only use IMR 18650-MP high-discharge batteries rated for 10A minimum current.

#9. Nitecore NL1835HP 8A 3500mAh for Flashlights

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Nitecore is a reliable flashlight brand they have provided batteries and chargers for quite a time. So, I do not worry when choosing it.

I’ve bought and used Nitecore NL1835HP for my led flashlights for a year. Till now, I feel no difference, all work well.

Nitecore NL1835HP is one of the good cheap rechargeable 18650 batteries for led flashlights or any devices which need the longest run-time possible.

The Nitecore NL1835HP 3500mAh is the best quality 18650 battery for the flashlight because:

  1. Capacity 3500 mAh, max continuous discharge 8A
  2. Integrated overcharge & discharge protection
  3. 500 charge cycles, the lifespan estimate for 1.5-year-old if you recharge it once a day
  4. Overcurrent (activated at 10A-12A).
  5. Overcharge (activated at 4.35V).
  6. Over-discharge (activated at 2.5V).
  7. Over-temperature protection.
  8. DUAL short circuit protection (for external & internal).

That is why NITECORE NL1835 is safe to use and a popular choice for led flashlights and other heavy load devices. But NOT for Ecig devices

What is the best 18650 battery for a flashlight?

I set some criteria for a good quality rechargeable 18650 battery.  I’m sure that the best quality 18650 battery must have:

  • Made by a good reliable brand such as Sony, Panasonic, NiteCore, LG, Samsung
  • High-drain rating (Ampere): 5A  to 20A
  • High capacity (mAh): around 2000mAh
  • Best quality 18650 batteries have a weight of around 42g, fake ones are very light.

As for the best 18650 battery chargers, I just use Nitecore D4, and XTAR VC4. These are the intelligent (smart) charger that keeps battery life long and safety during charging.

Are there different types of 18650 batteries?

There are 3 different types of 18650 batteries:

  1. IMR18650 – Lithium Manganese Rechargeable
  2. INR18650 – Lithium Manganese Nickel Rechargeable
  3. ICR18650 – Li-Cobalt Rechargeable

Top-rated Best 18650 Rechargeable Batteries For LED Flashlights, Headlamp, Doorbells

1. IMR18650 – Lithium Manganese rechargeable

The IMR batteries are HIGH-DRAIN ratings and don’t need Protective Circuit Board (PCB).

It supplies big current immediately without heat or burns out the battery. Even if it is shorted, which won’t cause flames or explosion because Manganese is an awesome chemical.

That is why there is no built-in protection circuit to prevent over-discharging and shorted.

Stay with IMR 18650 batteries – these are better for portable devices such as the LED flashlight, power tools, vaping and more.

2. INR18650 – Lithium Manganese Nickel rechargeable

These INR 18650 batteries are similar to IMR 18650 batteries but being added Nickel for optimizing performance.

The INRs combines the safety and low resistance of Manganese with the high energy of Nickel, which gives high capacity, HIGH-DRAIN, and higher discharge than the IMR 18650 batteries and have a higher price, of course.

3. ICR18650 – Li-Cobalt rechargeable

The most quality ICR18650 is built-in with protection circuits because ICR 18650 batteries have a higher capacity (mAh) but lower drain rating.

When you use high-current discharging or short circuits [get in an accident] it becomes too hot and may cause the explosion. A protection circuit, in this case, will reduce the problems.

These ICRs are used in laptop batteries and other devices that need constant power over a long time.

If you need HIGH-DRAIN 18650 battery for portable devices such as LED flashlights, power tools, vaping…

… I highly recommend not to use ICR18650 batteries or at least choose ICR18650 batteries which have PCB (protection circuit board)

Can a 18650 battery be charged without a specific charger?

The answer is YES, of course. However, I don’t recommend you do that, why?

  • Safety is first. This is one of the main reasons I voted for digital smart chargers. I do not want fire or/and explosion during charging by using dumb chargers.
  • With a smart 18650 battery charger, you wouldn’t worry about the over-charge, weak-charge and over-heat battery.

In addition, when the battery is being charged, you easily monitor the status of the battery such as voltage, current, estimated charging time, which dumb chargers can’t tell you.

Time (h) charging = capacity (mAh) / current (mA) charging.

For example, an 18650 has 3500mAh, it will take ~ 7 hours to be fully charged if you charge with current 500mA.

If you don’t want to use default mode, you can probably set the current charging for fast charging or something like that.

How can you prevent 18650 batteries from exploding?

There are two main reasons for the battery explosion.


The battery was the short circuit, which means the positive (+) and negative (-) are in direct contact together via the metal objects such as paper-clips.

That causes the temperature and internal current of the battery to increase quickly and explode.


Over-charging, over-discharging, high-current-charging, buying low-quality batteries are the reasons why batteries explode.

So I highly recommend you use smart chargers which have protection circuits built-in.

It helps you avoid problems during charging batteries such as over-charge, reverse polarity, over-heating, and so on.

Plus, you need to store batteries in the battery case, which keeps your batteries out of the short circuit.

How can we extend the life of 18650 batteries?

The lifespan of 18650 batteries depends on how you use and charge them.

Here are these tips to keep your 18650 long-life:

#1. Do not deep discharge (don’t let it discharge to empty or near empty). If the capacity of the 18650 battery reduces to less than 50%, you should recharge it.

#2. The high temperature will cause a short lifespan and reduce the capacity rating. That is why you do not store them at high temperatures.

#3. Do not charge batteries with high-current-charging. In most of the best 18650 batteries, you should charge them with a current under 1 amp.

Although high-current-charging helps you reduce charging time it also causes overheating, explosion, and short-life battery.

Which 18650 battery lasts longest?

Here are some of lasts longest 18650 batteries:

  • Sony VTC6 18650 Battery 3000mAh 15A Flat Top
  • Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh 15A Battery Flat Top
  • Samsung 25R / INR18650-25R 2500mAh 20A Flat Top
  • LG HE4 INR18650 Battery 2500mAh 20A Flat Top

Most of the best 18650 batteries have a typical cycle life of about 300 to 1000 cycles for charge and discharge. The cycle life depends on current discharging consumption.

For example, a Nitecore NL1835HP has 500 cycles, so the lifespan estimate for a 1.5-year-old if you recharge it once a day by an intelligent (smart) charger.

What battery is a 18650?

The 18650 is the size of a li-on 3.6v battery. It means the diameter is 18 millimeters, and the length is 65.0 millimeters.

The good 18650 batteries are popular on various devices such as portable charger power bank, flashlights, vape mods, toys, power tools.

Are 18650 batteries the same as AAA?

The answer is No!  The 18650 batteries and AAA batteries are completely different in size and volt level.

  • The 18650 battery has 18 millimeters of diameter, 65.0 millimeters of length, and the volt is 3.7v
  • The AAA battery is smaller and the volt is only 1.5v

How can I tell if my 18650 battery is real?

The simplest way (without causing damage) to check the 18650 batteries is real or fake that is weighing it. The fake batteries are very lightweight, and fake capacity (very large at 4000mah, 5000mah) on the label.

The weight of the best quality 18650 battery should be more than 42g. So you should buy 18650 batteries from reliable stores.

What can I use instead of a 18650 battery?

You can use two CR123 lithium rechargeable batteries to replace a 18650 battery.

Are all 18650 batteries the same size?

NO, there are some 18650 batteries that are not the same size because:

  • Some battery brands have thicker wrappings
  • There are both button-top and flat-top batteries
  • Some 18650 batteries built-in a circuit board side that is why they are taller than other 18650


There are many types of 18650 batteries, however, not all of them are the same. Hopefully, this article of ours can partly help you choose the best 18650 battery that you like best!

Hopefully, these reviews will help you choose the cheap best 18650 batteries for the flashlight

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