Sustainability at Scale

Posted by Lillian on Oct 15th 2018

When I was teaching, October was a very hard month. It seemed to last forever, parent-teacher-conferences loomed, and the initial buzz of the school year had sort of worn off. Now that I’ve, er, pivot … read more

Hot Tips for Cold Camping

Posted by Lillian on Oct 5th 2018

Question: What do I pack for a fall camping trip?Answer: I’m so glad you asked!Temps this weekend in Boulder are supposed to drop down to freezing (dear God I hope that means that our backyard brown m … read more

Field Testing with Wellbody Woman's TRIBE Program

Posted by Lillian on Jun 27th 2018

Have you ever cooked a meal for friends and experienced a moment of intense fear just before they take their first bite? What if it's terrible! What if they gag! What if it gives everyone food poisoni … read more

TrailFork's Mission: Equity in Gender Representation

Posted by Lillian on May 6th 2018

When we started TrailFork we had a few goals in mind. First, Cristyn and I were tired of working for other people. We wanted to be our own bosses, set the course of the company, and chart our own path … read more

The Problem with Packaging, Part II: How do I cook this stuff?

Posted by Lillian on Apr 11th 2018

This is Part III of a series on why TrailFork has chosen to opt for compostable packaging rather than the plastic cook-in-bag packaging used by most backpacking food companies. This option will not be … read more