Camping Food Hacks, By TrailFork!

Posted by Lillian on Mar 28th 2019

Folks, we're just about in it! And by "it," I do mean prime backpacking season. We're already getting orders from thru-hikers (I assume y'all are the ones starting in Mexico, yes??), and I personally am planning my first trip of the season for the end of May (hey there, Cristyn!). As we get prepping for those adventures, we wanted to share some of our fav DIY backpacking meals. They're all super easy, most can be assembled from stuff at the grocery store, and they all pass the trail test—i.e. I've taken them out myself and they're darn tasty.


This is based on a comfort meal from my childhood. You will need:

1 Box Mac & Cheese

1 Ziploc Bag

1 Foil Pack of Tuna

1/4 c dehydrated or freeze-dried peas (try the bulk section, otherwise you can pretty easily order these online)

At home: Empty the pasta from the mac & cheese box into the ziploc, along with the freeze dried peas. Add the powdered cheese and the foil tuna pack from the box into the ziploc for use on the trail. 

On the trail: Boil water. Cook pasta and peas until al dente, remove pasta from water into a separate lightweight bowl. KEEP THE WATER (that's important). Eyeball the water-to-cheese ratio—you're looking for about 1/2 cup here. Combine the pasta water with the cheese powder, and stir. 

Finally, top the cooked pasta and peas with the tuna, and pour the cheese sauce over top. Enjoy!


Not super-high calorie, so I usually plan on this one for the first night of a trip. You will need:

1 Pack Thai Ramen Noodles

1 Package Beef Jerkey

1/4 c dehydrated red and green peppers

2 T powdered coconut milk

At home: Combine everything (not the plastic) in a ziploc bag.

At camp: Boil water (enough for 1 serving of soup). Cook the contents of the ziploc in the boiling water until noodles are soft. Note that the coconut milk can clump, so you'll want to stir relatively constantly.


My favorite trail lunch! You will need:

1 package TrailFork Loaded Veggie Hummus Sliced carrots, cucumber, red peppers (again, usually best for the first day or so of the trip if you're using fresh veggies)

1 tortilla

At home: Pack all that stuff.

At camp: In the morning, combine the Loaded Veggie Hummus with cold water and mix well. Make sure to keep the package on the outside of your pack, so that if for some reason it punctures it's not all over your sleeping bag! At lunchtime, the Hummus should be nice and soft, and ready for maximum wrappage.

Combine the veggies and hummus in the tortilla for a filling trail lunch.

Hope this gets y'all a little more excited for the season! Any favorite recipes out there, internet??