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What's the different between ordering a Custom Kit and an individual TrailFork meal?

If you'd like, you can order individual TrailFork meals, just like you would in any online store. Custom Meal Kits are appropriate if you’re planning a trip and want us to do the menu planning and food preparation. These meals come precisely portioned so that you’re optimizing for nutrition and pack weight. Choosing this option allows you to focus on all of the other aspects of your adventure.

So how do the Custom Kits work?

Are you planning a trip in the Great Outdoors?

Not sure what food to pack?

We’ll help you out.

Fill out our custom meal kit order form and we’ll ship either 1, 3, 5, or 7 days worth of calories, portioned and selected just for you, right to your door.

Literally that is it.

How much does a Meal Kit cost?

Our meal kits are $30 per day. A one-day supply includes breakfast, lunch,  dinner, and a few condiments. Depending on how much you weigh, this supply could include as many as 3300 calories! We’ll also send an indication of how many calories you should look for when purchasing additional bars or trail mix.

What can I expect in my Custom Meal Kit?

That depends on you! Your meals will be tailored to your caloric needs and dietary restrictions and preferences. A typical day’s worth of food could include Cinnamon Roll Oats, Loaded Veggie Hummus, and Sweet Potato Curry, or it might include Blueberry Oats, our Enchilada Bowl, and “Chicken” and Za’atar.

Wait. What do you mean “Chicken”? Don’t you use meat, you hippies?

We do not! This was both an economic and an environmental decision for us. Plant-based meals are much less taxing on the environment than meat-based meals are, unless the meat is raised under really strict environmental standards. Sourcing that kind of meat at a small scale would make our meals astronomically expensive for our customers. If you’re a committed carnivore, there are a bunch of great companies making ethically sourced jerky, fish, shellfish, and dried sausages, and we won’t judge you for adding some smoked salmon to your Limey Beans and Rice! In the meantime, our veggie “meats” are all soy-based. (We know, there are problems with soy, too. We’re working on it.)

Do you make meals for Thru Hikers?

Yes. If you have a long hike planned along the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, etc., we would be happy to send meals to resupply points along the way. This requires a bit more planning on our end so if this is you, please send us a message through our “Contact” form at the bottom of the page. While we don’t have a firm deadline by which we need thru-hiker orders, we ask that you plan for as much lead time as you’re able.

What do you put in your meals?

We choose organic ingredients whenever possible (if an ingredient is organic it will be indicated as such on our nutrition labels), and we aim to move to 100% organic ingredients soon. We support independently owned companies that embody the same business ethics for which we strive.

Please note that though our kitchen partner does adhere to FDA standards relating to allergens, etc., they do process nuts, dairy, wheat, and soy, they’re not certified gluten-free. If you have any concerns we encourage you to email orders@mytrailfork.com before placing an order.

Do you guys make your stuff in Boulder, Colorado?

We did! We don’t anymore. For the first two years of operation we were hand-making meals and packaging stuff late at night in a kitchen space we shared with Picaflor Foods, Wonder Juice, and Daydream Dessert Company (we love them all and owe them all big and you should try their stuff). This was charming and wonderful but it also meant that our product wasn’t as consistent as it needed to be, and we could only make so much in an overnight shift. We thought about building out our own facility, but did you know that a big machine to fill and seal pouches is like, well, it’s a lot. So we found a partner who already had the equipment and was willing to make our food for us. They wear hairnets like, all the time, they date stamp all of our packages, and they’re really nice. If you bought a package that still says, “Made in Boulder, Colorado,” it’s likely that it was produced before we moved to our external kitchen partner.

In February 2018 we moved into TrailFork HQ at 575 Burbank Street in Broomfield, Colorado. It’s just down the road from our birthplace in Boulder and it makes us feel very grown-up.

How do I cook my TrailFork meal?

Each shipment comes with directions specific to your provisions. For hot TrailFork meals, you'll need hot water and something to put your food in. (We really like insulated vacuum containers—they keep stuff nice and hot.) Cooking most of our meals is as simple as heating some water, pouring in the contents of your TrailFork package, and waiting for your provisions to rehydrate.

What's with your packaging? Why can't I cook my food in the bag it came in?

We make every effort to package TrailFork meals in lightweight, compostable packaging. We've been on too many trails, hung out at too many crags, and floated too many rivers where styrofoam, plastic-coated cardboard, and foil packages have been left behind. We believe firmly in the principles of Leave No Trace, and environmental stewardship is central to our company mission. So, we really try to minimize our footprint. We hope you'll consider purchasing an inexpensive and lightweight cooking pot that can also serve as a bowl for your TrailFork meals.