What is TrailFork?

Going outside?

Tell us about you.

Tell us about your adventure.

We'll send you customized meals in lightweight, compostable packaging to fuel your travels.

We're vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, omni, paleo, and just about everything-else friendly.


Get packing.


how to trailfork



Tell us a little about you and your trip. Based on your size, trip length, and dietary preferences, we’ll send you enough food to fuel your adventure. Standard shipping is free!


Get Ready

You’ll need a few things before you get going. We recommend a cook stove, a pot, a bowl, and a spork. We ship our meals in compostable packaging—please don’t try to cook in our bags!



Along with your trail meals, we send you a list of recommended additions, like energy bars or pita bread. Grab your favorite snacks (we like gummy bears) and get out the door.

An individual approach to outdoor nutrition

We make real food based on your trip length, calorie requirements, and dietary preferences.
Meals are sent ready for backcountry use.

Multiple adventurers? No problem. Order a separate set of meals for each member in your party.

Our meals are made with the environment, animal ethics, and human health in mind. 

Eat well, outside.