Comparison Between KEEN Vs. Teva Hiking Shoes – How To Choose The Better? 

Footwear can make or ruin your adventure. So what should you choose between KEEN vs. Teva hiking shoes? Let’s check this guide to name your favorite!

Top 4 Good Budget KEEN Hiking Boots for women and men

Top 4 Good Budget Teva Hiking Boots for  men and women

#1. KEEN Vs. Teva Hiking Shoes: Comparison Table

KEEN and Teva are both famous for their high-quality hiking shoes. You can’t go wrong with either. But what if you can only buy one?

This comparison table will highlight their features. You can easily notice the differences between them in each feature.

Criteria KEEN Hiking Shoes Teva Hiking Shoes
Materials Depending on the model Depending on the model
Comfort Good Good
Durability Good Good
Design Bold and unique Simple and modern
Breathability KEEN.DRY Teva Durapontex
Waterproofing  Excellent Good
Price  More expensive Cheaper

#2. What Is The Difference Between KEEN Vs. Teva Hiking Shoes?

To choose the better one between KEEN and Teva, you will need to consider multiple factors, including the following:


Leather, synthetic fabrics, mesh, and textiles are just a few of the materials used by KEEN and Teva to make their hiking shoes. All of them are of high quality.

Each model from both brands may be different in their materials because they want to satisfy all the requirements of their customers.

Besides, some KEEN shoes have KEEN’s patented toe protection feature to increase protection for your toes. Meanwhile, Teva shoes prioritize stability and traction, so they use materials to enhance grip.


Both KEEN and Teva are experts in the shoe-making industry; therefore, they know how to make their hiking shoes comfortable.

  • Insoles: The two brands employ cushioned insoles to provide extra support and comfort for your feet. They can also absorb shock to reduce the impact on your steps.
  • Soles: Soles used in KEEN and Teva hiking shoes are durable and have a high level of traction, giving you a good grip and stability.
  • Secure fit: You can only feel comfortable when your shoes fit your feet perfectly. Luckily, both KEEN and Teva use adjustable straps and lacing systems so you can adjust your footwear for a customized fit.


Both KEEN and Teva hiking shoes are of high quality. The durability of each depends on the construction, material, and level of resistance to external damage of each model. Some KEEN models are more durable than Teva, but the opposing case can still occur.

Regular conditioning and cleaning are essential for lengthening the lifespan of your footwear, especially if you are a frequent hiker.

You can learn some pro tips for cleaning your hiking shoes from this video:


Many of KEEN’s shoes come in vibrant colors and solid, durable materials. They are also renowned for their distinctive, outdoor-inspired style.

On the other hand, most of Teva’s hiking shoes have simple lines and a minimalist style, and the company is famous for its practical and modern designs.


Both companies use a combination of technologies and materials that promote airflow around the foot while keeping moisture out of the footwear.

The KEEN.DRY, a breathable and waterproof membrane integrated into the shoe’s inner, is one of KEEN’s most common technologies for producing breathable shoes.

On the other hand, Teva frequently employs the Teva Durapontex technology to keep water out of the shoe. It also allows air to circulate within, keeping your feet dry and comfortable when hiking.


Both brands employ waterproofing and water-resistant technologies to offer shoes that can work in wet conditions. Their waterproof seams and gusseted tongues also play a vital role.

In terms of materials, both use eVent and Gore-Tex. Yet, KEEN is famous for its KEEN.DRY technology, giving it a win in this round.


On average, KEEN hiking shoes cost a little more than Teva products, with some KEEN versions going for several hundred dollars.

Nevertheless, depending on the particular model, features, and materials employed, the cost may vary significantly.

#3. KEEN Vs. Teva Hiking Shoes: Which One Should You Go For?

Finding the right shoe is not an easy task. So which should you go for, KEEN or Teva?

First, you won’t go wrong with either when considering those terms:

  • Durability: KEEN and Teva produce durable hiking shoes that can withstand external damage to a high level.
  • Support: Hiking shoes from both brands offer support for your ankles and feet, giving you a pleasant time hiking on the trail.
  • Fit: The shoes are available in different sizes. You should try them out before buying to ensure you get the right fit.

Nevertheless, KEEN and Teva will give you a different experience in breathability, waterproofing, and price:

  • Breathability and water-resistance: Both brands have breathable and waterproof shoes thanks to advanced technologies and high-quality materials. However, the KEEN-DRY technology is slightly better than its competitor.
  • Style: Aesthetics is a subjective matter. While KEEN shoes are unique and bold, Teva gives you a sense of modernity and minimalism.
  • Price: With impressive features, KEEN hiking shoes are a little more costly. However, KEEN and Teva sell their products in a wide price range, so consider your budget to get the best choice.

#4. Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some faq about the comparison between keen vs teva hiking shoes:

Are Teva hiking shoes good?

Yes. Teva is a famous outdoor market company that receives many positive reviews from outdoor enthusiasts. You will love how durable and comfortable Teva hiking shoes are.

What brand is similar to Teva?

There are a number of well-known manufacturers that provide shoes comparable to Teva, including:

  • Merrell
  • Columbia
  • Salomon
  • Chacos
  • KEEN
  • Oboz
  • Danner
  • North Face
  • Vasque
  • Reef

These brands are renowned for making comfortable, sturdy, high-quality hiking shoes for many outdoor activities.

Are KEEN sandals good for hiking?

KEEN sandals made for hiking generally have hard-wearing soles, supportive insoles, and safety features like toe guards to shield your feet from hazards.

Moreover, they often include a snug fit to keep your feet from sliding around within the sandal while you move.

Are Tevas high quality?

Yes. Their shoes can resist external damage from outdoor activities, such as water sports and hiking.

However, the quality of a specific model of Teva products may vary depending on the material and intended use.

Do Teva shoes have good arch support?

It depends on the model you buy. Some Teva shoes offer a high level of arch support, while others only give you neutral or minimal support. You should check the midsole and footbed to ensure you have good footwear.

How long do Tevas last?

On average, a pair of Teva hiking shoes can last from 6 to 12 months with regular use. However, the answer may differ depending on the frequency of use, the terrain you often use them on, and your maintenance.

Why is Tevas so popular?

Teva is a famous brand among outdoor enthusiasts because its shoes provide high durability, versatility, and comfort. They also come in different styles, so you can choose the one that suits your taste best.

Can you hike in the Teva Hurricane?

Yes. The Teva Hurricane series will be an ideal choice for outdoor activities. They have durable, waterproof upper and a supportive footbed. In addition, the sole offers good traction, making it perfect for hiking on rugged and slippery traction.

Can you wear Tevas in the water?

Yes. Some Teva shoes are water-resistant and quick-drying. They allow water to drain quickly to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

How far can you walk in Tevas?

On average, you can use Teva shoes for 10,000 steps. However, if the terrain is uneven and you have to expose your shoes to harsh conditions, they can’t last that long.

Is Teva good for wide feet?

Teva offers some models for wide feet, such as the Universal Slide and Terra-Float Universal. Remember to try them at the store to ensure a snug fit.

Where are Teva shoes made?

Teva is a global footwear brand with facilities in many countries, such as the United States, China, Vietnam, and some European and Asian areas.

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