Meet the Team


Lillian Hoodes, Co-Founder & CEO

Actual Job Description: Filing legal documents, looking at spreadsheets, bossing other people around, recipe experimentation, painting interiors.

Why do you work at TrailFork? I work at TrailFork because I got a crazy idea to start a backpacking food company and my friends and family went along with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How do you try and live TrailFork's value of Environmental Stewardship: I truly try to stay away from single-use plastic. Sometimes it's impossible, but in terms of things like plastic bags, water bottles, and that sort of thing, with a little effort plastic can be avoided! I also really believe in the power of conscious consumption, and I try to buy second-hand or ethically-made whenever I can. 

What's your favorite thing to do outside? Mountain biking with my doggers! I have a pitbull and a lab mix, and they're the best biking partners around.

What's your favorite thing to do inside? I recently rediscovered a skill that I learned in childhood: Sewing! I love sitting at my sewing machine and listening to podcasts, especially if its raining.

Cristyn Hypnar, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Actual Job Description: Spending many hours on Adobe Illustrator devising the most beautiful visual branding in the world, communicating with people who make swag and labels, talking through strategy.

Why do you work at TrailFork? I work at TrailFork because it reminds me every day that a coupla ladies with a big idea and a little gumption can create their own dream jobs and stop working for the man.

How do you try and live TrailFork's value of Environmental Stewardship? I am TF's resident vegan! While I'm vegan for the animals and the street cred it gives me, a plant-based lifestyle has an exponentially lower impact on the planet, which helps me sleep at night. Also, I never leave home without a water bottle.

What's your favorite thing to do outside? I don't think this question is fair—I just love being outside. All activities beyond simply existing in the sun and fresh air are just icing on the [vegan] cake. But if you _must_ know, staring up at a starry sky on a warm summer night after a long hike is bliss.

...and inside? Inside, you can find me hanging out with my toothless cat, Owl. Although you might also find us outside, as he loves the great outdoors too!

Adriana Diminico, Operations Manager

Actual Job Description: Ordering lots of food in large quantities, communicating with customers and vendors, making sure TrailFork HQ runs smoothly, scheduling production and shipping, booking travel and answering millions of emails.


Ross McComb, Fulfillment Manager

Actual Job Description: Making sure hundreds of millions of packages are shipped on-time, ensuring TrailFork food gets made, managing the TrailFork warehouse, making many, many phone calls, assembling furniture.

David Andrews, Operations Associate

Actual Job Description: Picking and packing TrailFork orders, any and all renovations to HQ, assembling furniture, running errands, communicating with outside sales people, working events, etc. etc.

Why do you work at TrailFork? Initially I wanted to work at TrailFork because I felt that my morals and goals closely matched the mission of sustainability of the business. I strive to lead a minimalist, sustainable life, and what better job to have than to allow others to do the same while enjoying grand adventures in the great outdoors? I was lucky enough to come on board and couldn’t be happier knowing every meal that gets sold is one less non-recyclable plastic bag that will inevitably end up trashing our environment. 

How do you try and live TrailFork's value of Environmental Stewardship? The way I live the value of environmental stewardship is simple; I went TINY! I downsized my global footprint by literally downsizing my house; to achieve this I built and live in a 8x20 foot Tiny House. I try my hardest to have a minimal impact on our environment: solar power, biodegradable soaps, and eating less or no animal products are just a few of the practices I implement. 

What's your favorite thing to do outside? Although it is very difficult to chose from the many outdoor hobbies, my favorite thing outside is to garden. I love to have the responsibility of nursing a seed to life and then being able to harvest and enjoy all your hard work. It's very rewarding and inevitably grants you with a plethora of nutritious, yummy, free food. 

What about inside? Favorite thing to do inside is to tinker, whether that’s restoring an old antique, adding something to the house, or simply working on an art project, I love to solve problems and bring my imagination into fruition.