Merrell Vs. Oboz Hiking Shoes: Which To Use For Your Next Trip? 

Which do you prefer between Merrell vs. Oboz hiking shoes? Before making your purchase, let’s see how these shoes differ and how they can help your hike!

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#1. Merrell Vs. Oboz Hiking Shoes: Comparison Table

Merrell and Oboz produce high-quality hiking shoes. To be more specific, they use premium materials and advanced technologies to satisfy their customers’ demands. The similar goals lead to similarities between the two brands.

However, you need to focus on the differences to determine which brand outweighs the other. So let’s check this comparison table first.

Merrell Hiking Shoes  Oboz Hiking Shoes
Materials  Depending on the model Depending on the model
Durability  Good Good
Comfort Slightly better thanks to the contoured footbeds Good
  • Air Cushioning
  • Kinetic Fit footbed
  • Vibram outsoles
  • O Fit insole
  • Sawtooth outsole
Waterproofing M Select Dry technology BDry technology
Price  Cheaper More expensive

#2. What Is The Difference Between Merrell Vs. Oboz Hiking Shoes?

As you can see from the table, Merrell and Oboz hiking shoes are good. Yet, the manufacturers use different methods to make their products.


Both Merrell and Oboz employ a combination of synthetic fabrics, rubber, leather, and foam materials to make their hiking shoes. However, they have different approaches this term.

For example, Merrell focuses on breathability and airflow. Hence, they use a lot of synthetic fabrics, such as mesh.

On the contrary, Oboz prioritizes protection and durability. With this thought in mind, it uses more nubuck leather to manufacture hiking shoes.

Nevertheless, both brands aim to serve a wide range of customers. Thus, they have shoes made from many materials. For a detailed comparison, you need to choose one model from each.


Because of their rigid structure and tough materials like nubuck leather, Oboz hiking shoes are famous for their durability.

Merrell also employs premium materials and construction methods. However, the lifespan of footwear might vary depending on the certain model.

In the end, multiple factors, such as the frequency of use and maintenance, will affect the durability of hiking shoes. So always research and compare various models before investing in footwear.


Both Merrell and Oboz provide a wide variety of comfortable walking shoes. Additionally, the comfort you need depends on your foot shape and personal preferences.

Oboz and Merrell utilize various technologies to make their hiking shoes comfortable. For example:

  • Both manufacturers use cushioned midsoles made of supportive and shock-absorbing materials. EVA foam and polyurethane are some examples.
  • Their shoes fit your feet securely with padded collars and tongues. These features also help minimize irritation and rubbing.
  • You can have ankle support for improved comfort during long hikes.
  • Oboz and Merrell hiking shoes often have heel counters to stabilize your feet.

One advantage of Merrell is that its shoes feature contoured footbeds to support your feet’s natural shape.


Both brands use moisture-wicking linings and mesh panels to reduce heat accumulation within your feet. Furthermore, they include perforated footbeds in their shoes to promote ventilation.

You can buy breathable hiking shoes from both manufacturers. However, they use some specific technologies to achieve this effect.

Oboz has an O Fit Insole designed to support and enhance breathability by encouraging airflow around your feet.

Sawtooth Outsole is another fantastic technology used by Oboz. It features dual-density EVA midsoles and toothy outsole patterns, allowing for adequate air circulation.

Regarding Merrell, the Air Cushioning feature enables the hiking shoes to promote airflow and absorb shock. Its contoured insole, the Kinetic Fit, can also improve breathability.

Additionally, Merrell has teamed up with Vibram to produce outsoles with distinctive designs. They aim to speed up ventilation and reduce heat buildup.


Waterproofing is important for outdoor activities. You won’t have to worry about it if you use Oboz or Merrell hiking shoes.

Merrel incorporates the M Select Dry technology in its hiking footwear. This breathable, waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry and cool all day.

On the other hand, Oboz is famous for its BDry waterproofing membranes. They work well for both the breathability and waterproofing of your shoes.


Oboz products often cost a little more than Merrell. Specifically, the average price of Oboz hiking shoes is from $100 to $200. Meanwhile, Merrell hiking shoes range from $80 to $200.

But, remember that the materials used, the technology employed, and the amount of support offered may all affect the price of your footwear.

#3. Merrell Vs. Oboz Hiking Shoes: Which One Should I Go For?

Both Merrell and Oboz are renowned for their sturdy hiking shoes. So to choose between them, you need to consider numerous factors, such as:

  • Durability: Both brands offer durable hiking shoes. Meanwhile, Oboz is better for heavy-duty activities.
  • Comfort: You may love the support and fit of Oboz models, whereas Merrell shoes are more comfortable.
  • Fit: Both brands provide products in various sizes and shapes to fit all foot types. However, you may find that one brand will fit your feet better.
  • Price: Merrell shoes are available in a wider price range. Hence, remember to research carefully, compare the prices, and read reviews to get the best deal.

Oboz and Merrell shine differently. Above all, it would be best to try on different shoes. Also, consider your specific needs to determine the perfect footwear for your next adventure.

There are other factors to check when buying hiking footwear. Please access this video to learn more:

#4. Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some questions and answer about comparison between merrell vs oboz hiking shoes:

Is Oboz worth it?

Yes. Oboz produces high-quality hiking boots and shoes to offer comfort and support for your outdoor activities.

Are Oboz hiking boots comfortable?

Yes. Oboz hiking boots have EVA foam midsoles and heel counters to stabilize your feet. They also help reduce foot fatigue.

Moreover, the padded collars and tongue will minimize irritation and rubbing. Some models even have breathable mesh panels to keep your feet dry and cool all day.

Where are Merrell shoes made?

Merrell is an American brand. However, its manufacturing processes take place in many countries, including the United States, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil.

Are Oboz really waterproof?

Yes. The BDry membranes in Oboz hiking shoes will help keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable all day. Those features are very helpful when you travel on wet routes.

Do Oboz shoes run true to size?

Yes, but you should try different sizes to determine the perfect fit for your feet. Also, consider sizing up for more comfort.

Can you stretch Oboz hiking boots?

Yes. However, it’s not advisable. Stretching Oboz hiking boots will affect their fit and performance. Instead, find snugly-fit shoes from the start, and break them in gradually to achieve a nice fit.

  1. Should you size up with an Oboz?

Yes. It’s better to go up by half a size because your feet will expand after hours of hiking. This rule applies to most hiking shoes, not only Oboz products.

Do Merrell shoes have good arch support?

Yes. Some Merrell shoes have blended EVA-contoured footbeds with extra zonal heel and arch support. Hence, feel free to use them for your extended hiking trips on rugged terrain.

Are Merrells good for walking? 

Yes. Merrell shoes are excellent for walking and hiking because of their supportive structure, comfortable fit, and robust construction.

Besides, it adds features like supportive arches, shock-absorbing midsoles, and resilient outsoles. They will then give you a comfortable walking platform on different surfaces.

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