Our Packaging


Starting a business is hard. Starting a business committed to eliminating single-use plastic is harder! When Lillian launched TrailFork in June of 2017, she knew she couldn’t start a business that put more toxic waste into the environment. Thus began a journey into the world of food packaging.

In May 2018, we found a packaging partner that could produce the signature dehydrated-food pouch, and whose materials would completely biodegrade within a reasonable timeframe (studies are in progress but we’re talking less than three years). Your TrailFork pouch has been tested by independent third-party labs and has been shown to break down into CO2, water, and a small amount of organic biomass when in contact with microbes—i.e., bury it in your backyard and come back a year later. Let us know what you find (we bet it won’t be much!). Your TrailFork pouch also doesn’t emit any nasty chemicals into the environment as it decomposes.

We always tell TrailForkers to cook their TraiFork meals in a separate bowl or canister. Our pouches are not insulated, and therefore aren’t ideal for cooking in. We think this is a small price to pay for saving the planet, amirite? Head over to our FAQ page or this blog post for info on how we like to cook our stuff.