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We empower explorers to tackle their most ambitious and adventurous goals. We also empower complete newbies to get outside and have a darn nice time. Whether you’re a first-time hiker or a seasoned mountaineer, we think you deserve delicious, nutritious stuff to eat in the wilderness, and we’re here to serve it up.

But look it’s not all about you, okay?! It’s also about the planet! (No colonies on Mars yet, people—this baby’s all we’ve got.) We’re a company on a mission to support adventurers in minimizing their environmental impact, so—you’re welcome—our meals come in 100% compostable packaging (link to packaging page). From packaging to ingredients, inside and out, everything we produce takes into account the interconnectedness of food and the environment. And 1% of our sales every year go to support one of our favorite places in the world, Cedar Mesa, Utah.

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In 2013, I was in the middle of a summer of adventure. Having read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma a few years prior, and being a then-follower of the Paleo diet, I was dismayed by the dehydrated food options available at the local gear store as I prepared for trips in Yosemite, British Columbia, the Wind Rivers, and southern Utah. Unwilling to buy a bunch of wasteful packaging filled with mystery ingredients, I set out to plan and prepare my own trail food. I was struck by how challenging it was to optimize both nutritional content and pack weight, and I wondered if other adventurers might like someone else (i.e., me) to do the planning and preparation for them.

In 2017, my friends and I were all fired up about founding a company with women at the helm. (Remember 2017? Yeah, exactly.) So I left my teaching career, ventured off the beaten path, enlisted my fearless friends Kira Hill-Filben and Cristyn Hypnar, cashed out some savings, and found a kitchen for rent in Boulder, Colorado.

Determined to found a company that not only produced food that we could feel good about buying and eating, but also that championed equity in the workplace, we launched TrailFork in August of 2017. A few months later, we were joined by my friend from high school and veteran entrepreneur Scot Frank. With a focus on our original mission (environmentally sensitive product; equity in representation; general promotion of fun), we launched a stand-alone retail line in February 2018.

Follow along with our adventures on social media @mytrailfork, and keep up with the unfolding of the TrailFork vision on our blog. We can’t wait to be part of your trip!


Co-Founder, CEO


But enough about us already! We wanna hear about you! Head over to our custom meal kit page and order a box of food made just for you, dear TrailForker!