Scarpa Vs. LOWA Hiking Boots: Choose The Better For Your Next Hiking Trips

How can you decide the better one between Scarpa vs. LOWA hiking boots? Don’t worry, you can find the answer in this ultimate guide. Let’s check it out!

Top 4 Good Budget Scarpa Hiking Boots for women and men

Top 4 Good Budget LOWA Hiking Boots for men and women

#1. Scarpa Vs. LOWA Hiking Boots: Comparison Table

Scarp and LOWA hiking boots are durable, comfortable, waterproof, and breathable. However, the manufacturers use different methods to produce their footwear. Hence, your experience will differ.

First, check this comparison table to picture the differences between Scarpa and LOWA hiking boots. Then, we will talk about each in the next section.

Scarpa Hiking Boots LOWA Hiking Boots
Materials – Leather uppers (nubuck, split grain, or full grain)

– Synthetic materials

– Vibram rubber outsoles

– Leather uppers (nubuck or full grain)

– Synthetic materials

– Vibram or  TRAC Lite outsoles

Durability Good Good
Comfort Good Good
Breathability  Gore-Tex

Mesh uppers

Breathable lines (such as eVent)


Mesh uppers

Breathable lines (such as Climate Control)

Price Varying Varying, but its high-end products are more expensive

#2. What Is The Difference Between Scarpa Vs. LOWA Hiking Boots?

As shown in the table above, Scarpa and LOWA are good hiking boot brands. Your decision will depend on the following elements.


The materials each brand uses to construct their hiking boots are different from model to model. Both work on the durability and stability of their products.

Scarpa hiking boots have leather uppers, which can be nubuck, split grain, or full grain. The manufacturer uses synthetic materials, like nylon or polyester, to enhance support.

Besides, you will notice unique features in the shoe structure. For example, the Vibram rubber outsoles are excellent for traction. There are also breathable and waterproof membranes, and we will discuss them later.

LOWA hiking boots also have leather uppers, but most of them are full grain and nubuck. Synthetic materials, such as PU and nylon, are also popular in these models.

The materials for the outsoles of LOWA hiking boots are more diverse. You can choose Vibram options and buy the TRAC Lite made only by LOWA for traction.


Determining which brand is more durable is tricky since it depends on numerous variables. Both LOWA and Scarpa are famous for making robust, premium hiking boots.

Scarpa combines high-quality materials like Gore-Tex membrane full-grain leather to make tough, long-lasting footwear.

They also utilize sturdy synthetic fabrics and Vibram rubber outsoles for further defense and support.

On the other hand, for increased strength, LOWA employs premium materials like nubuck or full-grain leather in addition to their unique MONOWRAP frame structure.

This brand also uses sturdy synthetic materials and Vibram outsoles for solid grip and protection. Yet, each model has different features in terms of durability.


EVA foam, Gore-Tex membranes, and leather uppers are just a few of the elements that Scarpa uses to offer comfort, stability, and protection when hiking.

Besides, Scarpa hiking boots have different kinds of footbeds and lacing systems to offer you a custom fit. You can feel comfortable all day when your hiking boots fit your feet perfectly.

LOWA hiking boots are comfortable, too, thanks to their high-quality leather and Gore-Tex membranes. These features give you a high level of support.

Aside from the multiple footbeds and lacing systems choices, LOWA gives you a unique MONOWRAP frame construction. This design can distribute weight uniformly across your foot to add comfort.

Your particular requirements and preferences will determine which hiking boot is the most comfortable. It would be best to try different models to tell which delivers the most comfort.


Scarpa and LOWA provide breathable boots. They use some similar technologies to achieve this effect. For example:

  • Gore-Tex: This feature lets moisture escape from the interior of the boots and prevents water from leaking from the outside.
  • Mesh uppers: Air can circulate within hiking boots with mesh uppers, keeping your feet dry and cool.
  • Breathable liners: Scarpa uses eVent liners to wick moisture away from your skin. Meanwhile, LOWA utilizes Climate Control liners for this task. Both brands have other kinds of liners to keep your feet dry, too.


The price of hiking boots differs significantly depending on the brand, materials, and features. You should check with the retailer to get an accurate price.

Scarp and LOWA sell their products in three different price ranges: budget-friendly, mid-range, and high-range. LOWA models are often slightly more expensive, but the gap is minor.

#3. Scarpa Vs. LOWA Hiking Boots: Which One Should I Go For?

You can’t go wrong with either. Hence, choose the best hiking boots for your needs and preferences after considering these things:

Durability: Both Scarpa and LOWA make durable hiking boots. However, the level of durability varies between the models. Materials and constructions are what make them different. So when shopping for your footwear, check for these two criteria first.

Comfort: Put on the boots to see how they fit your feet. Remember that you will wear them for hours under unexpected weather conditions. Hence, comfort is essential.

Purpose: Experienced hikers like to travel across wild paths and harsh conditions, so they need waterproof, breathable, and sturdy shoes.

Meanwhile, beginners need lightweight boots to move easily across the terrains. Which group do you belong to? The answer affects your choice of hiking boots.

#4. Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some faq about comparison between Scarpa vs  Lowa hiking boots:

Is LOWA a good hiking shoe?

Yes, LOWA is a reputable brand in the outdoor footwear sector. Their boots come with solid materials, cutting-edge technology, and functional elements that may suit your needs.

Is Scarpa a good boot brand?

Yes, Scarpa is a well-known footwear brand, especially among hikers and athletes. Aside from making climbing and mountaineering footwear, this brand is famous for its high-quality and long-lasting hiking boots.

Is Scarpa a good hiking shoe?

Yes. Scarpa hiking shoes have high-quality materials. Thanks to the durable construction and waterproof membranes, you can use them for rugged terrains. All these features make Scarpa a good hiking shoe brand.

Is LOWA a good boot brand?

Yes. LOWA uses premium materials and advanced technologies to produce durable boots that work perfectly on the trail. You will also love their excellent support and fit.

Where is LOWA made?

Europe, and more especially the German and Italian Alps, is where LOWA makes its shoes. The company can guarantee strict quality control standards and make sure that each model fulfills their high criteria for durability and performance.

Are Scarpa boots made in China?

Yes, but only some boots are Chinese-made. Scarpa operates its manufacturing facilities in China and Italy, so your boots’ origin may depend on their product line.

Do Scarpa boots fit wide feet?

Scarpa offers many models for people with different foot types. If you have wide feet, consider the Kinesis Pro GTX and Zen Pro GTX.

How do you break in Scarpa hiking boots? 

Here are some tips for breaking in your Scarpa hiking boots fast:

  • Wear thick socks to reduce friction and enhance cushioning.
  • Wear your new boots for short periods first, then gradually increase the use duration.
  • Walk on flat surfaces instead of rugged terrains when your boots are still new.
  • Consider using bandages and moleskins to avoid blisters.

You can learn more tips for breaking in your newly-bought hiking boots from this video:

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