Announcing the #trailforktour2018!

Holy moly, TrailForkers! This fall has turned out to be crazy busy, especially considering that I had thought the cold months would be super slow for a backpacking food company. But with the runaway success of Paleoats, and this new project we've been working on, stuff at the TrailFork headquarters has been pretty nuts.

After brainstorming how to get the word out to as many folks as possible before the 2018 backpacking season starts in earnest, we've settled on what we're calling the #trailforktour2018. The idea is that we'd take our pop-up shop on the road, start in either San Diego or LA, and drive up the coast to Seattle over about a 2-week period. But we didn't want to just do booths or tables, we wanted to also host events, parties, and meet-ups in beautiful places. And thus the #trailforktour2018 was born. The idea is that the tour will become an annual event, and we're hoping to eventually get our hands on a teardrop trailer for the occasion.

We're launching an indiegogo campaign to fund the tour on Halloween. Take a look at our pre-launch page and sign up to receive a couple of email updates (we don't flood your inbox, we promise). Watch the video, too! I made it in an afternoon up in Nederland, Colorado, with a borrowed DSLR camera and a mini-tripod. Those days in high school TV production class totally paid off!

Another note about our campaign: if we reach our goal, 30% of all funds raised above the goal will be donated to the Native American Rights Fund, specifically to support the protection of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

I hope you'll join us on our inaugural road trip!


Lillian Hoodes