Paleoats—a surprise hit!

Being a fully bootstrapped business (well, in terms of financing) has meant that our marketing budget is less than a shoestring, and we've had to be creative in terms of how we get the word out about our service. One of the most encouraging and unexpected things about launching has been the amount of support we've received from the women-owned and -operated business community here along the Front Range. So, thanks to the graciousness of some business women here in Colorado, we'll be doing a number of in-store pop-up shops around town and in Denver. 

Last week we had a small table outside the Athleta store on the Pearl Street Mall, and to our very pleasant surprise, people were psyched about Paleoats! The origin story there is that I was on a backpacking trip in Yosemite and was at the time doing the paleo thing, and came up with the recipe because I couldn't eat my usual instant oatmeal. Paleoats is totally grain-free and vegan, and because it's super high in good fats and protein, it provides a really slow energy burn, and proved to be perfect trail food. And last week proved that it might be more versatile than that: people walking up and down Pearl Street loved it, too.

The process of launching a business has been nothing if not surprising. In keeping with that theme, our next mission will be to wholesale Paleoats here in Boulder by early 2018. Did we start TrailFork with the intention of wholesaling anything? Definitely not. But, it appears the demand is there! So for those of you who have been kind enough to stop by our pop-up shops and have been wondering where to buy these little pouches of delicious, stay tuned!

Lillian Hoodes