Adventures in Retail for 2018

Happy New Year, friends!

What a difference a vacation makes. Entrepreneurship is a path for the obsessive, and with alerts set up on my phone, a nice, healthy to-do list, and imposter syndrome nipping at my heels, it's usually difficult if not possible to lift my nose from the grindstone. If I'm not actively TrailForking, I'm thinking about TrailForking, and I haven't yet figured out where the "Off" switch is. All of that said, we here at TF at least put ourselves on Airplane Mode (or something—where is this metaphor going?) for a week or two. And now we're back tackling the Big Project of January 2018: launching a retail line.

Our primary product offering has heretofore been customized meal kits for folks who have planned outings in advance. And those customers will continue to be our core market: committed adventurers who want better food to fuel them on the trail. But we also want to be able to reach more casual hikers, or just last-minute trekkers, and to do that, we need to show up in stores.

We have a few retail locations in mind, and a few more on a list called "CONTACT THESE PEOPLE!" We're also hoping to meet some new friends at this year's OR in Denver. 

This has been an effort of titanic proportions already! (Thank God for task management software.) We're finalizing SKUs, we're drafting brochures, we're designing new labels, we're making lists of inventory...the list goes on. But in the end, we hope it means that more people have compostable packages in their packs this spring adventure season. I'm hoping we have each of our offerings up on this site by February, so if you're eager, you'll be able to place an order online before we get IRL.

Stay tuned for updates, and cheers to 2018, everyone!

Lillian Hoodes