Comparison Between Oboz Vs. KEEN Hiking Boots: Tips For Choosing

Don’t know what to choose between Oboz vs. KEEN hiking boots? The detailed comparison we share right here will help you out. Let’s read on to explore!

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Top 4 Good Budget Oboz Hiking Boots for  men and women

#1. Oboz Vs. KEEN Hiking Boots: Comparison Table

Oboz and KEEN are famous brands in the hiking boot industry. They offer durable footwear with fantastic features. Yet, there are different things to expect from each brand. First, let’s have a look at this table to see how they differ.

Criteria  Oboz  KEEN
Comfort EVA footbed Patented footbed
Material Depending on the model Depending on the model
Style  Both traditional and modern Bold and unique design
Break In Faster to break in More comfortable in the first wear
Waterproofing NBDry and B-DRY membranes KEEN.DRY membranes
Durability  Good Good
Breathability Breathable mesh uppers KEEN.DRY membranes
Price  Cheaper More expensive

#2. What Is The Difference Between Oboz Vs. KEEN Hiking Boots?

Both Oboz and KEEN hiking boots are good investments. However, you may find your preference after checking their differences.


Comfort is subjective because the way you feel comfortable can be different from others. However, many hikers appreciate the comfort that Oboz and KEEN offer.

Oboz is famous for its comfort and stability. The brand’s boots have a dual-density EVA footbed that cushions the foot and assists in weight distribution.

Besides, the toe boxes of the Oboz boots are spacious, giving your toes plenty of space to move around. When hiking, this feature can help avoid blisters and other foot pain.

On the other hand, KEEN employs a patented footbed design that cradles your foot for all-day support and protects the arch.

The brand also combines top-notch materials and a well-built design to minimize pressure areas on your feet.


Oboz and KEEN use materials to manufacture their hiking boots. The common choices are leather, rubber, mesh, nubuck, foam, and synthetic materials.

Oboz prioritizes high-quality leathers for the upper construction to improve their aesthetics and breathability. Meanwhile, they use recycled materials in the outsoles and footbeds.

On the other hand, KEEN utilizes KEEN.DRY waterproof membranes and eco-friendly fabrics in many of its models to keep your feet dry.


Many Oboz hiking boots have a more traditional look, but you can also still find modern designs in their collection.

Meanwhile, the design of KEEN hiking boots is often bold. You will also be impressed by the unique colorways.

Break In

The time hiking boots take to break in depends on multiple factors, such as their construction, the fit of your feet, and foot shape.

Generally, leather boots need more time to break in than synthetic materials. It’s because leather requires time to mold to your foot shape.

Although leather is the primary material for Oboz boots, hikers claim that these models can break in faster. Nevertheless, KEEN bots are more comfortable in first wear.

The best way to identify the break-in time of your hiking boots is to put them on and take a short walk. Then, you will know how long they take to make you feel at ease.


Both brands provide waterproofing hiking boots. While NBDry and B-DRY are famous waterproof membranes used by Oboz, KEEN has gained a lot of recognition with its KEEN.DRY membranes.

However, not all KEEN and Oboz footwear is waterproof. Moreover, the waterproofing level varies from model to model. You can use some for light rain, whereas other boots can withstand extreme weather.


Both brands offer durable footwear. But you will have different experiences wearing them.

Thanks to high-quality materials, like full-grain leather, Oboz hiking boots are long-lasting. You can use them on different terrains.

Meanwhile, also with high-quality materials, KEEN focuses on protection and support. Its boots have a durable upper, rubber outsole, and well-crafted seams to handle challenging terrain.


The design, materials, and production process may all affect how breathable your hiking boots are.

For instance, the breathable mesh of Oboz hiking boots is more breathable than models with leather uppers.

Similarly, KEEN hiking boots with waterproof KEEN.DRY membranes will breathe better than those lacking.


KEEN hiking boots cost more than Oboz products. However, the added features and better materials raise the price, which hikers believe is reasonable.

Conversely, Oboz hiking boots often cost less than KEEN hiking boots while delivering superior performance.

#3. Oboz Vs. KEEN Hiking Boots: Which One Is Best For You?

The decision between Oboz and KEEN hiking boots ultimately comes down to personal tastes, the style of hiking you’ll be undertaking, and the terrain.

It’s usually preferable to experiment with both brands and choose the one that fits your feet better and feels more comfortable. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Purpose: What type of hiking will you do? And what do you need in hiking boots? Luckily, both Oboz and KEEN are durable and perfect for your hiking trips.
  • Design: KEEN boots have a unique toe cap design to provide more protection to your toes. Meanwhile, Oboz pays more attention to support for numerous terrains.
  • Price: Oboz is a more cost-effective option. But if you don’t mind paying more to get added features, go for KEEN.

#4. Frequently Asked Questions

Here are faq related to comparison between oboz vs keen hiking boots:

Are Oboz hiking boots comfortable?

Yes. Oboz is known for its focus on comfort and stability. The EVA footbed will provide cushioning for your feet and keep them comfortable during a long hike.

Is Oboz worth it?

Yes. This brand gives you well-constructed boots with impressive features, such as high-quality materials, an EVA footbed, and waterproofing membranes.

Are KEEN boots worth the money?

Yes. KEEN boots are durable, thanks to their sturdy materials. Their features ensure you can use them for different terrains.

Are Oboz really waterproof?

It depends on the model you buy. Oboz has waterproof hiking boots with waterproofing membranes, such as NBDry and B-DRY. So check for these specifications before buying your boots.

How do you break in Oboz hiking boots?

The instructions for breaking in your newly-bought Oboz boots are as follows:

  • Wear them to walk around your house so they can mold to your feet gradually.
  • Take a short hike.
  • Use socks to ensure a perfect fit and avoid foot discomfort.
  • Lace up your boots properly.

This video will show you more tips to break in your Oboz hiking boots. Please check it to get the most comfort from your footwear quickly:

What makes KEEN shoes so special?

KEEN shoes often have large toe boxes to ensure breathability and comfort. The extra space is necessary when you hike and work hard throughout the day.

How long should a pair of KEENs last?

A regular KEEN hiking boot can last for 800 miles. Lightweight models, like sneakers, have a lifespan of 450 miles.

Why are KEENs so comfortable?

KEEN shoes are comfortable because they have wide toe boxes. Moreover, the patented footbed technology cradles your feet and supports them all day.

Are Oboz shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, they can be. Oboz shoes have good cushioning to comfort your feet.

However, the best footwear for those with plantar fasciitis will depend on their specific requirements, foot shape, and daily activities. So consult your physician to choose the best footwear.

What is the difference between Obox Sawtooth and Sawtooth II?

Both are hiking boots from Oboz. Yet, the Sawtooth II is the updated version of the Sawtooth, with improvements in support, fit, and durability.

Besides, the Sawtooth II features a new outsole construction to provide better traction. Its upper is more breathable, and the lacing system is better.

Are KEEN hiking boots good for wide feet?

Yes. If you have wide feet, consider KEEN hiking boots for the following reasons:

  • Due to the brand’s reputation for providing footwear with a roomy fit, KEEN hiking boots may be a wise decision for individuals with wide feet.
  • The boots come in multiple sizes, including wide versions. Hence, customers with wider feet can find a snug and supportive fit.
  • Some models offer features like padded toe boxes and customizable lacing systems. Hence, you can get a unique fit and avoid blisters.

Do KEEN boots need to be broken in? 

Yes. Breaking in your KEEN boots will mold them to your feet and reduce stiffness. Moreover, this process can help increase the flexibility of leather or other materials used to make footwear.

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