25 Helpful Camping Tips For Newbies and Families

You are still lacking experience in organizing a group camping trip? Do you want to plan a camping vacation with your friends, colleagues, or family but still, get hesitant because of some reasons?

Check out the below 25 hacks every camper should know to get ready for the upcoming trip.


#1. Grill a pizza on your campfire:

Stop thinking that you can only pack hamburgers and hot dogs for your camping trip.

Have you ever thought that we can bring a frozen pizza and then grill it on a campfire?

Yeah, you can do it with a double layer of tinted foil or even make your own fresh pizza by following this video:

#2. Bring some sage:

Dried sage smells really good when being burned on a campfire. It can even help to prevent mosquitos and bugs. And most importantly, it is easy to pack. Sounds great, right?

#3. Use a bottle as eggs container:

You may want to have some eggs for your meals. The best tip is to crack all eggs and pour them into a water bottle.

You won’t have to be afraid of breaking the shells while carrying them to the campsite, and even don’t need any bowl or whisk to serve for the cook. All you have to do is shake the bottle and all is done.

#4. Use Johnson’s baby creamy oil as a mosquitos repellent:

Maybe you have never heard about this usage of Johnson’s baby cream but in fact, it is quite useful to prevent mosquitos at the campsite.

If you’re getting stuck in choosing a mosquito repellent, why don’t you try using such a cheap product?

#5. Using vaseline to keep ants away:

If you’re afraid that an ant colony can climb up the chairs and tables to look for your food, you can rub a little Vaseline under the legs of those tables and chairs to create a slick surface.

Since it is too slick, the ants will not be able to climb up and take any pieces of your food.

#6. Make DIY spoons from a bottle:

You can take a bottle of water or soft water, then cut it into several one-time-use plastic spoons.

It is easy! You will not have to worry about washing them for another use after finishing your meal.

Look at the below image to see how simple it is to create a spoon:

DIY spoons from a bottle

Source: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/30-brilliant-camping-hacks-wish-knew-earlier.html

#7. Get itch? Try some deodorant:

Sometimes daily stuff like deodorant can also help to limit the itch resulting from weather allergies or insect bites.

It can also prevent you from having body smell when playing games or activities together. So convenient right?

#8. Create a pillow from pillowcase and clothes:

You don’t have enough room in your bag for an extra pillow?

Don’t worry, instead of bringing too many pillows for the whole family, you can just pack the pillowcase, then use clothes to fill it up at the campsite as a pillow.

#9. Put all small essentials in a small tin:

If this is your first time camping, you should bring as many tools as possible in case of emergencies.

#10. Use candy boxes to contain spices and ingredients:

After your children have eaten all the candies in a box, you can collect them and use them as a spices holder. This will help to save a small amount of money if you’re going to buy at the market.

#11. Prepare meals at home:

If you want to spend most of the time at the campsite enjoying nature and doing activities with other members, preparing meals in advance is necessary.

You won’t know how much time it can save compared to cooking from the beginning beside your tent. Also, try to chop all vegetables so that they’re all ready to be used when needed.

#12. Bring a metal rake for grilling hotdogs:S

See? This tool will definitely make it easier to cook your tasty hotdogs.

#13. Using foam floor tiles:

Foam floor tiles may make your tent floor softer and more comfortable to lie down. Try to put some in your cars and place them under sleeping bags for better bedding.

#14. Don’t forget foil:

Aluminum foil is a great product to bring along for your trip. You shall get a campfire, and grill something on the fire for sure. Use foil to cover the food when you cook it over an open flame.

#15. Use egg cartons to store charcoal:

If in one of the above tips, you have learned to pour all cracked eggs into a water bottle, now you can use egg cartons to store charcoal.

That’s a good idea to keep everything clean and neat.

#16. Bring microfiber towels:

Normally, people will tend to pack paper towels when they travel to another place for several days. Why don’t you just replace them with microfiber towels?

It is also light, quick-dry, and can protect the environment by reducing the number of paper towels thrown away at the campground after use.

#17. Recycle straws:

You can use straws for containing toothpaste, ointments, shampoo, etc. Cut the straw into different 2-inch pieces. Fill these pieces with things you want and seal the ends with a lighter.

#18. Use a stick to protect your tent:

This will help your tent to avoid the effects of strong wind or rain by creating pressure on the main line and protecting it from being pulled out.

#19. Use contact lens cases for liquids:

You can take some previous contact lens cases to contain some liquids like cosmetics (cleansing foam, lotion, toner, etc.) with a small amount. It will help to save a lot of space.

#20. Dry your shoes with a crumpled newspaper:

You can use an old newspaper to clean your shoes when it gets wet and put them inside the shoes while sleeping.

#21. Keep your tent cool with a blanket:

You can lay a blanket on top of the tent to make it cooler during the summer day-time. This will also help bring about a better night’s sleep for your family.

#22. Make DIY scented candles:

You can use an orange to create a unique scented candle. Just remove the middle part, carve a hole, and pop a light in, then it’s done.

#23. Avoid matches from getting wet:

Matches are a very important thing on a camping trip. You should put them in a plastic holder, not their original box. Make sure to have spare ones.

#24. Bring more toilet paper:

To pack more toilet paper, take the cardboard out from the center of the toilet paper, and wrap it in a plastic bag.

#25. Cut off soaps:

It would be very hard to bring a soap back home after using it at the campground.

To solve this problem, you can make some single-use soap by cutting off the original bar of soap into many pieces and using them for one time only. This can be done with a simple razor.

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