Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking: Which Is The Better Choice?

Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking: Which would give you more comfort when hiking? This post helps you pick the most suitable outfit for your preferences!

Top Rated Best Budget Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking for the money

Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking: Comparison Table

If you don’t know which one is best for you, you usually have to do a lot of research. We will assist you by comparing Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking.


Superfeet Green Hiking

Superfeet Orange Hiking

Designed for
  • For regular hikers who wear the insoles every day
  • For wide feet
  • For sports players who wear sporting footwear.
  • Specifically for male foot
  • Provide a unisex design that can fit various outfits and footwear
  • Excellent odor controlling
  • Deep heel cup with great support and comfort
  • Available in many sizes, thicknesses, and versions.
  • Can limit the bad odor effectively
  • Excellent shock and strain absorption
  • A stable and supporting heel cup
  • Decent shock absorption
  • Not the best choice for people with hard feet
  • The color is too attractive
  • Limited in options

Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking: What Are The Core Differences?

Superfeet has built its reputation as one of the most recognizable and trusted insole manufacturers on the globe. In its product lines, the orange and green insoles stand out with their optimal comfort and great support.

Both of them bring excellent qualities, but you must consider your feet size and type to choose the most optimal one. Now let me walk you through the core differences between these two categories.


Obviously, you can differentiate the two categories just by looking at their green and orange color. However, they also possess different heel cup thicknesses and features besides the recognizable look.

The green Superfeet insoles are made of soft cushion materials, bringing a slim and tender texture. Therefore, you can place them easily in any type of footwear because the low thickness won’t obstruct the inner space.

Similarly, the orange insoles come in the same shape and heel cup design as the green products. However, the small details on the bottom are a little different, giving a more robust and male-oriented look.


The Superfeet green insoles aim at supporting users in both hiking and everyday activities. Due to its high versatility, you can wear the green insoles in basically every situation with optimal comfort and flexibility.

On the other hand, orange Superfeet insoles target male users who possess a large and harder feet. Their shape, height, and thickness are modified to best suit the common traits of male footwear.

For this reason, the orange Superfeet insoles serve better when you wear them for robust and energetic sporting activities. Therefore, the male runners regularly hiking on rough terrains should prioritize Superfeet orange insoles.


While the orange Superfeet insoles bring optimal support and comfort for robust activities, the green ones will facilitate you in normal daily tasks. They can align your spine and adjust your walking or running body posture.

In addition, the green insoles patented heel cups bring excellent balance and strain absorption. Of course, it won’t be as good as the orange insoles in robust activities, but the experience when doing normal tasks is very satisfying.

The extra coating layer of the insoles can control and limit the bad odor generated from your sweat and heat inside the shoes. However, the most noticeable advantage of Green insoles lies in their high versatility.

While the orange insoles give you very limited options in sizes and thickness, the green Superfeet comes in various versions. From kids and adults to the elderly with different feet sizes, users can easily find their favorite green insoles.

Last but not least, the orange Superfeet insoles have a retail price of $30, while its counterpart comes at a cheaper cost of $28.

If you need more in-depth comparisons between Superfeet orange and green hiking, follow this video to learn more.

Superfeet Orange Vs. Green Hiking: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

So, which color is the best match for you after all? I will recommend the orange Superfeet insoles for hiking, especially when you’re a male runner. It simply matches the male feet’ structure and hardness better than the green insoles.

Therefore, the orange products will give you better comfort, excellent shock absorption, and optimal support on rough terrains. For other sporting activities, orange insoles are also a suitable option.

On the other hand, you should choose the green Superfeet insoles for everyday tasks with no vigorous activities. They can work great with any casual footwear and foot type.

As a result, you can wear a green insole to work, school, or just walk around the house. However, it doesn’t mean that green insoles will bring a bad experience when hiking.

If you just run around the area and want a more versatile insole for work and other purposes, go for the green Superfeet.


When selecting an insole, you have to pay attention to its color, size, and shape.

The additional information provided in this section will help you select a more suitable Superfeet insole for your needs and preferences.

Which Superfeet Insole Is Best For Hiking?

If you are looking for the best insole from Superfeet, I recommend the TRAILBLAZER Comfort. It consists of two cushioned comfort foam layers to bring you an extra smooth and comfortable hiking experience.

If you don’t like its design, opt for the other high-quality insoles like Superfeet Green or Superfeet Carbon.

What Is The Difference Between The Colors Of Superfeet?

Actually, Superfeet insoles with different colors feature pretty similar features and designs. The most noticeable difference lies in their heel cup design.

The Superfeet orange insert features a narrower heel cup with a high arch shape. Meanwhile, the green insoles possess a firm, high, and arch shape with a broader and deeper heel cup.

Is Superfeet Green Good For Supination?

Superfeet green is a great option for supination since it’s designed for users with high heels. This insole features a long heel cup, along with high-density foam and a stabilizer.

These features help minimize impact and bring you more balance during supination.

Do Superfeet Help With Achilles Tendonitis?

The answer is yes. The Superfeet insoles bring users extra comfort and support on the heel and arch. They not only help soothe Achilles tendonitis but also bring you more comfort during supination.

The Superfeet insoles can even help reduce pain in the back and other nearby body parts.

Do Insoles Help With Hiking?

The hiking insoles can reduce fatigue and strain on the feet when you stay active for a long period. The arch support and deeper heels they bring can help your feet exert the strain and pressure generated when hiking.

How Thick Are Superfeet Insoles?

The thickness of Superfeet insoles ranges from 4 mm at the forefoot to 7 mm at the heel, delivering optimal comfort and support on users’ heels.

Meanwhile, the flexibility of the heel cradle gives you extra stability and balance with minimal stress when hiking.

What Are The Different Superfeet Insoles?

There are various types of Superfeet insoles, such as Superfeet green, orange, berry, blue, carbon, and copper. Each product line features a unique size and design that best serves each user’s feet type.

For example, Superfeet copper is the favorite choice for low arches. At the same time, the Black Superfeet insole best matches people with tight-fitting footwear.

Is Superfeet Worth The Money?

Though Superfeet’s products are a little more expensive than the other insoles on the market, they totally deserve the price.

These insoles will lower the risk of injuries and increase overall comfort when you work out. This is a feature that you can only find in high-quality insoles.

Is Superfeet Good For Running?

The Superfeet insoles aim at bringing users a super comfortable and optimal running experience with the inserted foot arch. Whether it’s for regular users or professional athletes, Superfeet insoles are an indispensable item.

Can You Wash Superfeet Inserts?

It’s advisable to wash the Superfeet inserts to keep them clean and comfortable to wear. You can hygiene it with warm water mixed with mild soap to clear the bad odor without fading the insoles’ color.

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