10 Things You Really Don’t Need On A Camping Trip

This article is geared towards helping you disregard those items that you actually don’t need once on a camping trip. So, I believe that you will learn a lot by reading this post!

Find out more about the things that aren’t essential when planning to enjoy your outdoor adventure.

Here we go!

Do you have so many things in mind that you want to bring as you go on a camping trip? How would you pack them? Will it be easy for you to carry them?

I don’t think, so it is!

Well, having too many items packed on a camping trip isn’t actually helpful. Instead, it could be a burden.

Yes, you need to be prepared!

But that doesn’t mean that you are to bring almost everything!

Remember that camping is an outdoor activity that will let you enjoy the wild and nature, so why bring things that aren’t needed at all?

Top 10 Items You Really Don’t Need on A Camping Trip

For minimalist camping, the first rule to ever consider is to leave most of the stuff you were planning to pack at home.

If you belong to those campers who want to be extra comfortable, then camping luxurious (such as a travel trailer or camper trailer towed behind a vehicle or SUV) might be needed.

Nevertheless, to make your camping experience easier, merely bring only the essential things for a camping trip.

Here is a list of the items that you really don’t need on a camping trip:

1. White Clothing

Are you serious?

You will go into the wild and yet you plan to bring white clothing! I believe, white clothing should be avoided.

Remember that there could be specific instances such as falling in the mud that might lead to too much dirt on white clothes or white pants.

2. Solar Shower

There is the fact that solar showers don’t perfectly work.

Yes, the water heats up once there’s enough sunshine, yet a solar shower could be a desperate attempt to stay clean.

You can have this item for a quick rinse wherein it doesn’t have water pressure for real cleaning.

Remember that there is plenty of water in a lake or creek, so why bother bringing this one at all?

3. Hanging Cupboard or Pantry

Though there are many kitchen gadgets intended for camping nowadays, there is also the truth that you don’t need any of them.

Instead, you only need a few cooking utensils in order to make a good meal.

You don’t need to have a hanging cupboard or pantry since you can hang the spices in a nearby tree.

4. Screen Room Tent

Yes, we hate bugs! And you should be aware that there could be a lot of bugs outdoor.

In this case, many would think of bringing a screen room. This is a large mesh tent that is designed to keep the bugs out.

However, they are a hassle to put up and could be expensive too. Instead of bringing screen room, why not just bring mosquito coils or citronella candles?

5. Portable Espresso Machine

I don’t think this item is a necessity when it comes to camping. You actually don’t need this because you can make a good cup of coffee even without this machine.

You just need a pot, water, and coffee grounds. Merely add the grinds to the boiling water then stir and steep.

You can now enjoy your coffee, so why bother to bring an espresso machine?

6. Electronics

It helps to bring electronics with you like your phone in case of emergency. But, you should leave it turned off.

You also must not bring your tablet, laptop, TV, and other electronic gadgets. Why?

Well, your goal is to get away, right?

It couldn’t be achieved if you are still plugged in. All you need to do is to enjoy the quiet and peaceful nature.

7. Lots of Toys

If you are camping with kids, bringing a lot of toys isn’t a good idea. It will just add up to your burden.

Kids can find something to play with in nature. Once there are too many toys, kids might be too distracted and wouldn’t enjoy nature.

8. Deodorants and Perfumes

Proper hygiene must be observed as you go camping.

You don’t want to be stinky, right?

But this doesn’t mean that you have to bring all your deodorants and perfumes.

You can use some water to provide yourself with an army shower.

Bear in mind that masking the stink by spraying deodorants or perfumes isn’t ideal.

9. Ceramic or Glass Items

Once backpacking, don’t bring heavy and breakable items.

This is important because there might be instances wherein these items are shattered and so you will not be allowed to walk barefoot on the ground due to the fragments of the broken glass.

You will not entirely enjoy the camping experience.

10. Mirror

Why bring a mirror as you go camping? This is totally not a good idea! You must stop worrying about your appearance.

You will definitely look funny with your hair that might stick out in every direction, or you might have dirt on your face.

But, who cares? These could be unforgettable memories after all.

Those are the things that you must avoid bringing as much as possible.

I am not saying they are useless items, but you might not find them totally useful once you are already in the campsite.

Nature will give better alternatives that you might use instead.


As you are packing for your camping trip, you might want not to forget anything. You want to bring the things that you think will help you achieve a successful camping adventure.

However, have you thought of weighing down items whether which one is really needed, and which one isn’t necessary at all?

As a camper, you should know the things that will undoubtedly help you and the things that will just add to the weight you will carry on your way to the campsite.

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