How To Keep Bees Away From Campsite? 10 Best Ways To Try

Camping is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. However, not everything there can please you. For example, your camping trip may turn out awful when bees fly all around.

Don’t worry! You can learn how to keep bees away from campsites after checking this ultimate guide. Let’s get started!

How To Keep Bees Away From Campsite?

Some campers may think of killing the bees that disturb their trip. But it’s not necessary because you have more effective methods to try.

#1. Choose a bee-free campsite 

Prepare for the bees right when you are selecting the campsite. You can do this by checking signs of bees in the area.

For example, campers may leave garbage behind. The food scent will then attract bees to join. Hence, it’s always a must to look for a clean campsite.

Also, do not put up your tent near a trash can or dumpster. Standing and small water sources, such as puddles and ponds, can draw bees, too.

#2. Use fragrance-free products

In general, bees don’t care about us. Instead, they love scents from shampoos, deodorants, and other hygiene products. There are artificial flavorings in them that are even stronger than natural scents. As a result, bees will come to enjoy it.

With that thought in mind, you need to leave your favorite fragrance products at home when camping. Hypoallergenic items are better because they don’t contain artificial perfumes.

Another idea is to buy biodegradable products. First, they have natural scents that don’t attract bees as much as artificial ones. And second, these products are eco-friendly.

#3. Choose the right clothing

Bees might mistakenly think your belongings are flowers based on what they see, not just what they smell. Since these insects love flowers, they will become their target if you wear pastel colors or clothing with flower images.

Also, avoid clothing that may look like their bee predators, such as skunks. If you wear them, bees may attack you.

The color of your clothing matters, too. To bees, threatening colors are red and black. So keep it in mind and avoid it to protect yourself.

Besides, you may want to wear loose clothes for convenience and comfort when working outside. However, this idea is not good if you try to avoid bees. It’s because loose clothes will create space for these insects to get inside.

As a result, choose the perfect fit of clothing to get the best of both worlds. Meanwhile, the opening points, like the waist and sleeves, should be tight.

#4. Start the campfire early

Smoking the bees out is a great idea, as these insects don’t like fires and smoke. Hence, you may plan on starting your campfire easier to keep them away.

If you can’t burn it up, consider using smoke-producing techniques like incense. You need more than one stick to stress the bees out. The sticks should also be thick to work longer.

#5. Plan your meals properly

Bees love some food, such as sweet sauces mixed with meat and sweet drinks. So, you may not hold your BBQ party with soda or pop if you want to avoid bees.

So what are your options? Bees often ignore grilled chicken, pasta, and vegetables. Besides, cold water will be enough for outdoor activities while not attracting annoying insects.

#6. Follow food and trash management practices 

Handling food while camping is necessary, even when you don’t focus on preventing bees. Here are some things you should do in this regard:

  • Always clean up once you’ve finished cooking and eating. If you leave your food outside, bees will find their way to visit.
  • Store food in airtight containers when not in use so those insects can’t smell it.
  • Do not use too much sweet food and drinks for your camping trip.
  • Tighten the garbage bags and throw them in the right place. Keeping trash in dumpers or even your cars can help.

#7. Apply natural bee repellents

Natural bee repellents are cheap and convenient, making them an excellent solution to repel bees. The best options for you include the following:

  • Distilled vinegar: Bees don’t like the strong smell of vinegar. Hence, you can use it to mask the sweeter scents around the campsite.
  • Garlic: Adding garlic to your food will enhance flavor and keep bees away.
  • Vanilla extract: You can dilute the vanilla extract in water and rub the mixture onto your skin. Then, bees won’t attack you.
  • Citrus: Bees love fruits, but citrus is not their favorite. So enjoy them on your campsite and use their scents to repel bees.

#8. Install a screen

Set up an insect screen if you don’t want bees to disturb you while camping. This barrier can deter all insects from the campsite.

Insect screens are cheap. Moreover, they will only occupy a little space in your luggage because they are lightweight and portable.

#9. Build a trap

This method may sound serious, but it’s as simple as placing a sweet drink on your campsite. As aforementioned, bees love sugary beverages. Hence, instead of disturbing you, they will land on the drink.

You can also use lemonade as a trap since bees hate citrus. Mix lemon juice and sugar water to make the trap, then pour the mixture into a container with a tiny opening.

This video will share an interesting idea to make a trap for bees. You can use it at home or on your campsite:

 #10. Enjoy your trip

If you encounter bees, stay calm. Once you panic and run away, these insects may see you as their threat. Then, they will chase after you and leave painful, ugly marks on your skin.

Moreover, you may camp because you love nature. Bees are a part of it, so learn how to respect them. They can be annoying, but they won’t intend to ruin your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers about how to keep bees away from the campsite.

What keeps bees away without killing them?

You don’t have to kill bees if they annoy you. Instead, avoid them by using strong perfumes, covering your food and drinks, staying away from the garbage, and sealing trash cans tightly.

What essential do bees hate?

Bees don’t like the scent of vinegar and citrus. Besides, you can use some essential oils to repel bees, like peppermint, citronella, and eucalyptus.

Is vinegar a bee repellent?

Yes, because its strong odor can deter bees. Moreover, vinegar is easily accessible and cheap, making it a common method to keep these insects away.

What time of day are bees most active?

These insects are most active in the late morning and early afternoon, especially when the weather is sunny. During this time, they like to hunt for pollen and nectar. You can, therefore, easily see them buzzing around flowers and even your food.

What smell makes bees angry?

Bees may get irritated and defensive if they detect strong smells, such as those from colognes, perfumes, or cleaning agents.

What time of year are bees most aggressive?

Bees, particularly wasps and yellow jackets, become highly aggressive in the late summer and early fall because their life cycle is going to end.


There are various ways to keep bees away from your campsite. You can try natural repellants, incense sticks, or fires (or smokes), depending on your preference.

Hopefully, the bees won’t annoy your camping trip anymore. If you know any tips that help, please feel free to share them with us.

Thank you for reading!

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