Is Ezekiel Bread Vegan? – The Best Guide For Vegans

Is Ezekiel bread vegan? Yes, Ezekiel bread is vegan. To be more specific, it is a flourless type of bread that is made from sprouted grains and legumes.

Even though Ezekiel bread does not contain any eggs, dairy, or honey. It is still an exceptionally great option for healthy vegan food because Ezekiel bread is richer in protein and other nutrients, such as calcium, fiber, and sodium. 

What’s Special About “Sprouted”?

Ezekiel bread’s main ingredients are sprouted grains and legumes. Hence, this means that they came all in a natural process of seeds germinating and plants sprouting after contact with water.

What's Special About “Sprouted”

As a “sprouted” bread, Ezekiel bread consists of minerals and multivitamins, iron, zinc, and magnesium, readily to be taken in by your body.

Hard-to-digest parts and enzyme-inhibitors are also broken down to make it simple for your body to process and consume. Hence, you can reap a lot of health benefits from every slice of bread.

What’s Great About Its Nutrient Content? 

In addition to being packed with nutrients, it also has a high fiber and protein content. Thus, Ezekiel bread is good for gut health and the immune system.

Although it is vegan-friendly without butter, eggs, or milk, it delivers many critical nutrients, like iron and protein, that vegans often lack.

Nevertheless, it does not include any added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Ezekiel bread can decrease carbs, fats, and blood sugar levels thanks to its sprouting ingredients like millet.

Hence, it is also an ideal option for people with diabetes.

Top 7 Vegan Ezekiel Bread Toast Recipes 

Now that you know Ezekiel bread is vegan, you can start thinking about what to pair it with. Here are seven recommended toast recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or snacks!

  1. Ezekiel Bread + Mashed Avocado + Cherry Tomatoes + Balsamic Glaze
  2. Ezekiel Bread + Peanut Butter + Sliced Apples + Cinnamon
  3. Ezekiel Bread + Mashed Avocado + Pumpkin & Chia Seeds
  4. Ezekiel Bread + Sauteed Mushrooms + Garlic + Thyme
  5. Ezekiel Bread + Roasted Red Pepper + Crispy Lentils
  6. Ezekiel Bread + Sweet Potato + Avocado + Radishes
  7. Ezekiel Bread + Tofu Scramble

Other Perks 

Apart from offering healthy perks, Ezekiel bread is conveniently versatile. It can be used in many ways, and thus, can be the preferred bread for a household with varied diets.

Some Common and Easy Ways Dishes Using Ezekiel Bread: 

  • Make strata (Egg-based casserole)
  • Make bread crumbs
  • Make croutons
  • Make grilled cheese sandwiches

What Ezekiel Bread Isn’t…

While Ezekiel bread is a ‘wonder’ bread that appears to be ideal in every aspect, it is not gluten-free.

If you want gluten-free bread, Ezekiel bread is not the right one for you as it has organic wheat gluten.


At this point, you have found the answer to “Is Ezekiel bread vegan?” and other useful related information such as Ezekiel bread recipes and why it is not a good option for gluten-free bread.

Hopefully, this post is helpful for your search down the bread aisle!


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