Is Kingsmill Bread Vegan? – All Information For Vegan

 Is Kingsmill bread veganThe answer is Yes. 

According to the manufacturers, except for Kingsmill 50/50 with omega-three extracted from fish, all Kingsmill bread is completely suitable for vegans.

We can assure you that these products are indeed made of 62% whole grain. The materials used along the process also come from plants and vegetables, which are especially suitable for a vegan diet.

Now that you have figured out the answer. Let’s look through some interesting points about Kingsmill bread.

What Is Included In Kingsmill Bread?

The major ingredient in all Kingsmill products is whole grains, which account for 62%. Whole grains, or food made from them, contain all essential parts and nutrients of the entire grain.

Even after being turned into flour, they can still deliver the same amount of nutrients as the original grain.

Not only whole grains, but Kingsmill is also very picky about its other ingredients.

What Is Included In Kingsmill Bread

Specifically, most bread does not contain any added sugar but prioritizes the softness and sweetness in grains. With less than 5g sugar per 100g, you can see the label “green for sugar” on every package.

Also, no eggs, bleached flour, or butter are included. All ensure to be green and suitable for everybody, including vegans.

Two slices of Kingsmill bread that are low in fat, sugar, and high in fiber each day can give you a healthy and balanced dish with a sufficient amount of required nutrients.

Why Should We Have Kingsmill Bread?

Furthermore, whole grains are rich in nutrients and bring a lot of benefits to the human body.

Eating a proper amount of grains every day will boost your energy to work effectively, improve brain function, strengthen the immune system, and keep you in shape.

Therefore, having whole grains for a long period can increase longevity and give you good health in your old age.

We believe that many might acquire its significant effects on our health and intake a certain amount of grains daily. However, surveys show that most of us eat less than the amount our body needs.

Then how many grains is enough for a day to better health? A recommendation from research indicates that 48g each day is the perfect amount for an adult.

So, with two Kingsmill slices every morning, you are half your way there.

How Should We Store Kingsmill Bread To Keep Them In The Best Condition?

According to some statistics, every year in the UK, a third of the food we purchase is thrown away.

Together with other organizations, Kingsmill has joined a Love Food Hate Waste campaign and given their customers some instructions on storing the dish. They include:

  • Store bread at room temperature: The ideal place is a bread bin.
  • Once opened, keep the wrapper loosely folded under the loaf.
  • Except for hot temperatures, do not store bread in the refrigerator as it will go stale quickly.
  • If not open the wrapping paper, you can store the bread in the freezer until the expiry date.

Can Kingsmill Bread Bags Be Recycled?

Good news for our environmentalists, as all Kingsmill bread bags are recyclable.

Though many local authorities do not have facilities to do recycling work, many large UK supermarkets do.

They accept exchange recyclable bread bags for collection points to save the environment. Hence, bring along your Kingsmill bread bags or other recyclable items to your surrounding supermarket and go for a try.

What is greater than consuming a multi-nutrient healthy dish while playing a role in caring for the environment?

Last Word

In conclusion, the answer to the question “ Is Kingsmill bread vegan?” is definitely yes, it is vegan.

Not only suitable for everybody but this whole grain bread also provides many nutrients and vitamins and boosts consumers’ health and energy.

Also, Kingsmill bread is friendly to the environment. So why don’t you get a try on it?


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