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Is Naan Bread Vegan? No, vegans can’t eat the majority of naan bread. Let us tell you why!.

Naan is a kind of thick flatbread that originates from South Asia. It is traditionally cooked on the inner wall of a tandoor – a super hot clay oven. Being stuck on the side means being pulled down by gravity, which is the element that Naan needs to form its unique bubbles.

Unfortunately for vegans, for Naan to have its unique texture and shape, Ghee – or clarified butter – is a key ingredient in the recipe. Ghee is either in the bread itself, brushed on top prior to serving to give Naan a little shine, or both.

Not only that, yogurt, milk, and even eggs can be present in the bread’s components. However, Naan can be suitable for vegetarians because aside from animal by-products, naan doesn’t contain meat itself!

But, as needs from the market grow, people have been looking for ways to replace the non-vegan ingredients. These vegan naan recipes no longer use ghee or butter but instead incorporate non-dairy yogurt or coconut cream to substitute.

Vegan naan bread made from coconut cream has since been a hit among the community for its taste and resemblance to its non-vegan counterpart!

Naan is usually paired with any Indian-inspired dishes that require dipping. Vegetable Korma, vegan curry, chana masala, and vegan butter chicken are the perfect headstarts for your experimentation with this amazingly chewy and fluffy bread.

Is Store-bought Naan Bread Vegan?

Commercially-made Naan bread is popular, but it often follows the original recipe. That means that the majority of market naans you see will be non-vegan, following the homemade ones’ footsteps.

Is Store-bought Naan Bread Vegan

Despite that, there have been efforts from passionate vegans who want to push the bounds of baking.

If you open your browser and try looking for the keywords “garlic Naan” and “coriander Naan” will give you a list of vegan brands to start with.

Other large supermarkets like Co-Op have also displayed an array of vegan Naan bread choices for you to pick out on your next grocery shopping trip!

That’s all

So, Is naan bread vegan? The answer is yes if you know where to look for the vegan version.

Now armed with this new knowledge, you can safely eat the food, and what better way to celebrate this occasion with a fresh and delicious loaf of bread?

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